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Advertising / Solicitation

Only our advertisers are permitted to use the board to advertise or solicit business. Commercial links in signatures and profiles are against the rules. Additionally redirecting viewers to commercial websites in an effort to promote, advertise, or otherwise self-promote, is against our rules. This includes links to videos containing advertisements. Posting links to commercial websites is permitted for informational purposes only. A commercial website is one that engages in commerce. It's a site that offers goods and or services to be sold. It also includes any sites with links to other commercial sites.

Spot Burning
As sportsmen we have the responsibility to do the "right thing". In this day and age where so many people are focused on what we are doing (and not doing), it's important that we act responsibly. We at the Buck Barn want to do our part by encouraging our members NOT to post specific locations. By posting general locations only, we can help combat the ill effects of spot burning, while still providing valuable information to our viewers.

Why Was My Post Edited/Deleted?

If your post has been edited or deleted, do not put up a post asking why. Simply contact the board Administrator or the Moderator who edited/deleted your post.

In most cases we will make every attempt to explain. In order for us to do so, we will need to be able to contact you. Be sure you've chosen to allow emails from administrators and other members. This can be done via the settings in your UserCP.

The UserCP link is visible in the upper left hand corner of the message board. You will need to be logged on to see the link. In order to make it possible for administrators, moderators and other members to contact you, simply click on UserCP >> Edit Options >>. From there scroll down to "Messaging & Notification. Check off the following options:

Receive Email from Administrators

Receive Email from Other Members

If you do not make it possible for us to communicate with you, we cannot explain why your post(s) was edited or deleted.

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