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Default New family member English Springer Spaniel pup

Got a new buddy, 8 week old springer spaniel male named Louie. The Parents are champion bloodline hunters. I want to train Louie to flush and retrieve pheasants and maybe ducks later down the line, I would also like to train him to track blood or antler sheds. I have no experience with training gun dogs but I have a 6 year old labradoodle that I trained well with simple commands and obedience etc. I'm going to start simple commands and obedience with Louie now and I am wondering when and how to start training him to track the scent of pheasants and retrieving etc. I asked the breeder if he would help with bird training and he basically told me there is almost no need with this bloodline they just have it in them, which I was happy to hear. I would post pics but don't know how from a smartphone. Thanks for any insight.

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