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Originally Posted by tucker dog View Post
I did use the Rage for crossbow and was happy and kill with them (until)
As for opening early I have a slice on my foot stur-up where the blade cut into it. Was enough for me to look into it, this is were google can kill you. I decided to try NAP for crossbow and have been happy. I do take everything with a grain of salt, some will hate some will love them.I had a bad experience and try something new. So far so good. What crossbow did you buy? You are a killer with the vertical just looking for a change?
Thanks for the info I appreciate it. I have killed way too many deer with rage to change now, unless something goes wrong on the xbow. I think most b.heads are good, I used many, but the one you should use is the one you have confidence in. Without this confidence every time something goes wrong you end up blaming the broad head and this is no way to learn from your own mistakes. I just looked at the rage for xbow and the retainer ring is completely different, making it much harder for the blade to open.
I am never giving up hunting with vertical bow. However; there is time and place for everything and yes I am looking to mix it up a bit. I am sure because of the novelty of it I will finish my bow season this year mostly with the xbow but the intention is to hunt with it in the very late season, from late December to the end, when deer are on pins and needles and there is very little cover in the woods. I have one property I hunt which is bow only so this would be a good place for it late season.

One thing I am having a problem with when shooting this beast I canít see the arrow flight. Is that normal or am I just not used to the speed?
I bought 10 point Stealth ss
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